5 Tips to Layering Rugs….How to Make it Look Gooood.

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You asked so I’m answering!  How do you layer rugs and make them look good?  Can you layer rugs over carpet?  Do they have to be the same texture?  What sizes can you use to layer?

As I sit here I have layered rugs/carpets in 6 areas of my home…suffice it to say mama ain’t shy about playin with rugs.  So, here’s how I approach it!

Layering Rugs Tip #1:  Make sure the rugs you are wanting to layer go together color-wise.  By this I mean they have similar color palettes.  As in here…

I’ve got 2 different rugs, both 5×8, in roughly the same color palettes. I also have dark cowhides layered underneath those…just to help visually extend the “rug.”  Since the 2 smaller rugs have similar colors they play off of each other.

 Layering Tip #2:  You can also layer 2 different colored rugs, if one is a neutral or made up of neutrals.

As in here…I have one smaller round in a cream/black combo with a bold color pop on top.  The neutral is there and acts as a base for the colorful one.  It also visually expands the size of the colorful rug to look larger.  Notice I used different shapes for even more impact! (more of that office space here!)

  Layering Rugs Tip #3:  Use different textures when layering.  (This includes thickness)

As in the previous 2 shots you can see that the rugs layered are different.  The first one has a flat weave underneath with a thick wool on top. The second has a round pulled wool underneath a crewel work.

Here I have 3 layered!

See how they all have different textures?  I have a wool with a raised pattern layered with a faux sheepskin and then a flatweave kilim. So 3 rugs…all over carpet!  And it works.  They all go together because of the color flow. (mustard/white) And the different textures keep it interesting. (more of this room, including paint treatment here!)

 Layering Rugs Tip #4: Yes, You can Definitely Layer Rugs Over Carpet!!

Here’s our daughter’s room.  Big ole rug on top of carpet.  I view wall to wall carpet the same as a wood/tile hard surface floor.  It gives no definition to the space nor is it a visually interesting surface.  A rug brings some life!  Imagine if the rug wasn’t in here…everything the same but no rug.  It would fall a bit flat because the design isn’t carried all the way through the room. (more of this one here!)

Layering Rugs Tip #5:  Like Nike Says….Just Do It!!

Go for it!  I have several small rugs in spaces like the family room and the bedroom.  Because a. Big beautiful rugs are expensive….and b. I had some smaller ones laying around that work together so I used them.  (which really is an extension of a. but who’s paying attention to that?!)

This is the flatweave Kilim you see a glimpse of from the photos above, layered over carpet and having a big “look at me” moment.

 Consider these 5 things when you want to do some layering and you will have a fab customized space all your own in no time!  And stay tuned..I’m sure I’ll be rug swappin again in the not too distant future.

What do you think? Are you team rug layerer or team singleton rug?  You can go both ways it just depends on what look you want!

I always love to hear from you so hit me up in the comments!

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