5 Tips for Decorating Kids’ Bedrooms!

tips for decorating a kid's bedroom home decor interior design

Kids bedrooms can be the most fun to pull together, but also the most difficult. They have to serve multiple purposes (playroom, reading/hangout space, sleeping space, shared habitat with a pet, etc) and you have the added pressure of “what if they hate it in a year?!” And then when they’re old enough, “I want LIME GREEN!!” Ok so maybe no relenting on the lime green (unless you want to rock it as an accent) but they start having opinions, ewww! Now while my children know Mom can overrule their *requests* at any time I am willing to listen to what it is they would like in their rooms. Colors, style, chair/no chair, where to put their bed and twin mattress, etc. It’s important that they have a say, it is their room after all but it needs a little, um supervision. Which brings me to my top tips on pulling together a kicks major booty in the design department while also making said kid incredibly happy bedroom.

tips for decorating a kid's bedroom home decor interior design vintage cool

Our 4 year old son’s bedroom

1. Try to think outside of the age of the child while keeping it in mind at the same time. I know, that is really confusing and doesn’t make much sense but let me throw it at ya like this. Here I’m sharing my 4 year old little boy’s room. He’s 4 which means LOTS of toys, a gigantic Mickey Mouse (cause the child LOVES Mickey), tons of laundry (he changes like 20 times a day for the heck of it) and a couple hundred kids books. BUT, I also like to design spaces that are ageless for the most part, saves so much work later on. So a room not just appropriate for a 4-6 year old but that will still be cool with some minor tweaks when he’s 13.

tips for decorating a kid's bedroom home decor interior design vintage cool boy

Ok, can we all just ignore the 2 broken knobs?! Little boy gets super impatient and mama ain’t had time to fix it yet.

2. Storage, storage, oh and did I say storage? This is age defying. Everyone needs storage for their clothes, shoes, books, magazines, etc. You can never have enough storage, as long as it’s good lookin’! And think outside the box for this one. For example my 2 older boys, ages 13 and 7 1/2, have a set of high school lockers in their room. All of their sports jerseys, sweatshirts, cleats and hockey sticks hang out in there. Here in my 4 year old’s room I have an aluminum wrapped trunk with 2 drawers (that had a tag specifically stating “not for children” hahaha who follows that anyway?!) that holds his toys and legos and an old wooden set of vintage lockers that holds his 200 kids books. He also has a basket that holds all of his stuffed animals and puppets, easily accessible and easily cleaned up. So don’t be afraid to get creative, since you always need a dresser of sorts consider an amazing buffet or other piece that will be a fab stand in, lockers or maybe an old workbench for a desk. You can take more risks in a kid’s room!

tips for decorating a kid's bedroom home decor interior design vintage cool

Vintage wooden lockers cabinet that holds all of our children’s books. Just be careful when you open, there will be an avalanche. You have been warned.

tips for decorating a kid's bedroom home decor interior design vintage cool

A shot of the really old original airplane blueprints I scored on ebay!

tips for decorating a kid's bedroom home decor interior design vintage cool

3. Themes. Ok I’m not a big fan of themes, why because it’s usually very matchy matchy and is very easily and quickly outgrown (see tip #1). However, you can incorporate a theme without having it everywhere. In my son’s room it’s an aviation “theme”. But instead of buying a whole bunch of posters and trinkets and stuff I decided to think grown up cool and vintage. I have a set of old, original blueprints for an airplane hanging above his dresser (ebay score and they are super awesome!), a vintage airplane propeller I picked up at a flea market hanging above the bed and an old tachometer (another ebay score) sitting on his locker cabinet. His duvet is an airplane blueprinted duvet, something I stumbled on at the RH Outlet and the quilt and sham set are Pottery Barn which I found on ebay. The bed is one of my favorite RH Outlet finds, it’s the aviation line twin bed so it’s got that awesome aluminum meets chic leather vintage plane feel. So you can have a theme just be careful of how you implement it, all of these vintage items I can use in other places in the house or continue to incorporate in the bedroom with some minor adjustments. Carpet wise, you should try to pick a colour that will go with anything so if you need to redesign a room, you won’t need to pull it up or keep to a colour theme! Short carpets are also easier to clean with a steam cleaning appliance. I would definitely recommend buying one!

tips for decorating a kid's bedroom home decor interior design vintage cool boys

You can see his Mickey and Star Wars Bobble head mixed with the vintage propeller and cool bed.

4. Balancing the child’s requests with what looks awesome. Our son decided at the ripe old age of 3 he wanted a blue room, like his brothers. So I went with a lovely medium shade, not too baby but not deep navy which I think would have been too heavy for a child’s room. I brought that navy in through the curtains with a bold navy and white stripe pattern. The quilt is also navy with pops of red which I love so I painted an old frame red and used it for the blueprints. Little one also wanted LOTS of toy airplanes hanging out so we compromised with some cool retro style planes; one on the dresser, one hanging from the ceiling by the bed and one on his nightstand. They pull double duty, by looking awesome and he can also play with them too (since they are vintage imposters!).

tips for decorating a kid's bedroom home decor interior design vintage cool boy

4, 7, 13 and 36 year old approved fighter jet mural

5. So just how do you create a child’s room but keep it ageless? Make sure the major pieces are either awesome enough as is or with a little diy paint makeover that they will work regardless of how much time passes. Keep the themey things or child appropriate decor to a minimum and to things that are easy to change out. Someday my son won’t be obsessed with Mickey anymore and that big Mickey that sleeps next to him every night will be no more (which will make me very very sad) but the chair can stay since it’s timeless. The bed is cool enough it will work for a teen and the dresser can easily be painted a different color to keep it age appropriate. Oh and the super cool fighter jet mural is a fave of my 13 year old and my husband so that passes the test too. It won’t be much work to make it teen worthy when he’s older, maybe switch out the bedding to something more neutral, paint the dresser a richer shade, and add a bookshelf or desk where the toy trunk is sitting.

tips for decorating a kid's bedroom home decor interior design vintage cool boy

You can really see the blueprint duvet here, and the throw pillow in the front was a Marshall’s find that I threw on top for a pop.

Kids rooms really are the most fun and freeing if you keep in mind a few considerations. They always have a chill and relaxed vibe which makes them such a blast to do. Hopefully these tips will help you conquer and dominate those spaces! Have you had a hard time with one of your kids rooms? I’d love to hear from you!! And if ya like what ya see here, don’t be afraid to hit up that subscribey button over there you will just receive new posts when they go up!

Now go kick some kid room booty!!

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