2018 — New Adventures in a New Year

Happy New Year!!  And a Big Hellloooooo 2018!

I took a much needed break in December leaving you all with a nice lil holiday home tour to tide you over through the holiday season.  While I have come back refreshed and ready to kick some serious arse, I missed sharing with you all!

This is how we normally are……it’s hard to take a serious pic but easy as pie to take a normal/goofy one.

I didn’t do much in the home décor department during my one month sabbatical.  It was mostly spent caring for the hubs, who’s been on crutches and totally non-weight bearing from knee surgery, and our 4 crazy but oh so lovable kids.  We had a lovely quiet Christmas and New Years and he’s now up and about somewhat which means….I get more time to spend with youuuuu lovely people!  YAY!

Our annual pj’s this year!

First up how about we talk about this whole new year?!  Which means new adventures and endless possibilities.  I don’t do resolutions as I prefer positive outlooks and overall lifestyle changes, although goals are always good!  (check out my thoughts on goals here) And if making resolutions works for you keep rockin it!!  I am currently, ahem always, working on holding on to that positive vibe and refocusing on myself and my creative fire.  This girl is on fiiiirrrrrrreeeee……..


There’s always something so magical about a new year don’t ya think?!

2018 means I/we have some big things on the agenda but nothing I am ready to divulge just yet.  Did ya really think I’d share already?!  (winky wink) I’m just going to say I’m pretty excited for this year and am feeling pretty darned good about the things coming up!  And I will def share as things progress!

I’m feeling positive for the future and everything that it holds and wish the very same for all of you.  Here’s to new beginnings, some endings and all kinds of in between.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  What kind of things are you looking forward to with the New Year?  I always love to hear from ya!

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Cheers to you and Happy Happy New Year!  2018 will be the best yet!



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