10 Easy DIY Fences That Look Great!

Today we’ve got a fab guest post from the incredible Jennifer (over at cosyforyou.com) She’s got some awesome ideas for fencing that are both diy and lovely to look at!

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A growing number of people are choosing composite fencing as an alternative to traditional materials, take a look at the examples on this website www.ecompositeproducts.co.uk/ecomposite-fencing-products/composite-fencing/ to see how they are an aesthetically pleasing way to cut down on fence maintenance. However if you are looking for a fence that doesn’t break the bank, perhaps you need the perfect barrier between your courtyard and your rural garden or maybe you need a complete perimeter fence. Many of you will relate to needing a fence and searching around for the most cost-effective choice for your garden.

Honestly, we are still hunting for the best garden fence as I’m not entirely happy with the previous choices we’ve made. For that reason, I am providing you with an array of options for you to think about when selecting an economical fence. A number of these fences are DIY, although some are budget fences that must be purchased.

Please note though, that we are not affiliated with any of these fence makers, so ensure you carry out your own research prior to making any decision. If you are interested in building any of these fences, simply check out the source link for instructions.

Here are some of the best fencing designs for you to consider:

  1. The Rail Fence

Source: modernfarmer.com

A rail fence is easy enough to build with raw materials. The great thing about this fence is that it is easy to construct and perfect for animals. Not only does it look beautiful, but you can construct it using the simplest of wood pieces, simply ask your local wood yard for any scrap wood and get started.

2. The DIY Garden Fence

Source: homefixated.com

This fence serves really well as a large parameter fence, so if you own animals such as livestock or dogs they will struggle to get out of the area. Of course, an effective wireless invisible fence is probably a better way of keeping dogs within fencing, so you may want to look into them if your main goal is contain your dog to a specific area. Anyway, the best bit about this design is that is spares the amount of wood required, but the design makes it affective at keep predators out and your animals in.

  1. The Hog Wire DIY Fence

Source: simplyblythe.com

If you want to build a fence on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice your privacy, then you perhaps want to consider a fence design similar to this one.

Even though this site doesn’t include comprehensive instructions, if you are an experienced wood worker, then you can most likely work out how to DIY with little guidance. This is a great choice as it’s aesthetically attractive and provides privacy, while at the same time the illusion of an open space.

4. Wood Framed Wire Fence

Source: deckmastersnw.com

This is the fence I decided to use in my backyard, my husband built it and it was moderate difficulty. It’s ideal for keeping dogs out of your yard and looks quite attractive too. It’s ideal for preventing animals leaving your garden.

It’s also a pretty good choice as it’s quite easy to construct, besides ours has lasted over 4 years without any issues.

  1. The Vegetable Fence

Source: brendangibbonsco.com

This is an ideal fence design for allotment owners or for those who grow their own backyard vegetables. It looks cute and is incredibly sturdy, ideal for protecting your hard work from animals and wildlife.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a garden fence for a veggie area, then you may want to start building your own to save money instead of asking a contractor to do it for you. The one in the image above is installed by a company, so no instructions are provided. Although, you can always use it as a starting point for your own fence ideas, just remember to buy your chicken wire!

  1. The Pallet Fence Design

You can construct a pallet fence for almost no money; just contact local factories to ask if they have any leftover or spare pallets that they no longer want.

This is a particular good choice if you are an extremely tight budget. It is easy to do, here’s a great tutorial on how to build one from scratch.

  1. The Contemporary Fence

Source: decoist.com

If you want a lot of privacy in your back yard, then this modern style fence is a good option to surround your whole property and live without disturbances.

In addition, this fence is perfect for large gardens that you would like to conceal from the rest of the world. It’s probably best to add a lick of paint though, to prevent rust, the color is completely your choice.

  1. The Chicken Wire Fence

Source: houzz.co.uk

The chicken wire garden fence is another great option for those a budget; however, there is no tutorial for this fence. However, it is quite easy to get your head around, especially for the experienced user.

Therefore, if you have easy access to chicken wire and scrap wood, this fence idea is ideal, especially for those on a budget. The natural path idea in the image complements the other-worldly feel of the fence, for more path and walkway ideas check out this site.

  1. The Wattle Fence

Source: alidoesit.wordpress.com

Wattle fencing is a great choice for those who want that ultra-natural look, think woodlands and pastures. Although it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it’s certainly a unique look and extremely easy to source the materials – perfect for those on a budget.

I’m not sure how difficult it is to achieve, but this tutorial should guide you along if you like the idea of wattle fencing.

  1. The Log Fence

Source: rozcawley.typepad.com

Now the log fence is certainly a little bit different and perhaps most suitable for those with large gardens who live in rural areas. But, one thing is for sure, this is perhaps the cheapest fence for those with access to their own trees and woodlands. It also doubles up as a firewood stock-pile.

An important thing to consider with this fencing is that it needs to be sturdy and strong enough to avoid it being knocked over by kids and animals.

Jennifer Beaner is an interior design fanatic and the owner of the blog cosyforyou.com. For more DIY home design and interior design ideas, feel free to check it out.

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